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Interactive Digital Television Past, Present, Future Essays

Interactive Digital Television Past, Present, Future Essays Interactive Digital Television Past, Present, Future Essay Interactive Digital Television Past, Present, Future Essay Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Interactive Digital Television Past, Present, Future Television has been an influence to all people that have used it since its invention. It remains one of the main medium of passing public information to people. It has been part of people’s lives since its invention and has continued to develop to where it is. In the past, people would only watch what was aired without influencing the content. However, traditional broadcasting has been replaced by interactive television that is continuing to develop to make it more and more interactive allowing viewers to influence the content. This gave rise to the interactive digital television, which does not mean a return path but the ability of viewers to influence content. In the past, interactive television involved allowing the viewer to influence content through sending messages through their phone lines acting as the back response. This happened with analog television, and some of the technology used included analog phone lines, RF transmission and video recording. The only way for television interaction was through phone calls to the station. This was soon to change with the changing technology to the present interactive television. Presently, interactive digital television is utilizing set top boxes as well as smart television that are equipped with web-like interaction ability. This allows the viewers more options for influencing the content of what they watch such as selecting the angle from which to watch a football match. The present technology of interactive digital television includes technology such as digital video, networking, image processing and software engineering. This allows for television applications, which increases to the interactive experience. Such applications enable to the viewers to engage in activities such as repeated usage since content is downloadable, interaction through quizzes, polls, videos and games as well as downloading materials. Some examples of application for television include wireframes, assets, and frameworks that utilize the HTM. These frameworks put the assets into the wireframes and render it on the set top box. Additionally, the present interactive digital technology has the capability of information organization, second screen and integration of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. It also allows targeting of a certain population during advertisement. This uses mobile devices, recommender systems and augmented reality. However, the future is inclined to become more social oriented and flexible, as well. The future of interactive digital television is set to be more social to allow people to interact easily. Moreover, television is set to be mobile in ways that one can have television anywhere, local and commercial. From the lecture, I have learnt that interactive television does not refer to a back path that allows viewers to send back information to the service provider. Rather, interactive television refers to the ability of influencing television content that one is watching as opposed to the traditional broadcasting where one would only watch what is aired the way it is aired. With the advent of digital television that allows sending many signals via a small bandwidth, more channels to choose from can be broadcasted. Additionally, I learnt that interactive television is set to allow viewers to access television from their mobile devices as well as stream their videos and upload them. Additionally, it allows one to influence the content in many ways such as the angle to watch from as well as sending information to the service provider. This allows people to select what they want to view from television. Thus, several people could be watching different content from the same broadcaster.

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Slash Pine, Southern Yellow Pine Tree Species Overview

Slash Pine, Southern Yellow Pine Tree Species Overview The slash pine tree (Pinus elliottii) is one of four southern yellow pines native to southeastern United States. Slash pine is also called southern pine, yellow slash pine, swamp pine, pitch pine, and Cuban pine. Slash pine, along with longleaf pine, is a commercially important pine tree and one of the most frequently planted timber species in North America. Two varieties are recognized: P. elliottii var. elliottii, the slash pine most frequently encountered, and P. elliottii var. densa, that grows naturally only in the southern half of peninsula Florida and in the Keys. The Slash Pine Tree Range: Slash pine has the smallest native range of the four major southern United States pines (loblolly, shortleaf, longleaf and slash). Slash pine can grow and is often planted throughout the southern United States. The pines native range includes the entire state of Florida and in the southern counties of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Slash Pine Needs Moisture: Slash pine, in its native habitat, is common along streams and the edges of swamps, bays and hammocks of the Florida Everglades. Slash seedlings can not stand wildfire so ample soil moisture and standing water protects young seedlings from destructive fire. Improved fire protection in the South has allowed slash pine to spread to drier sites. The resulting increase in acreage was possible because of slash pines frequent and abundant seed production, rapid early growth, and ability to withstand wildfires after the sapling stage. Identification of Slash Pine: The evergreen slash pine is a medium to large tree that can often grow beyond 80 feet in height. The slash pine crown is cone-shaped during the first few years of growth but rounds and flattens as the tree ages. The tree trunk is usually straight which makes it a desirable forest product. Two to three needles grow per bundle and are about 7 inches long. The cone is just over 5 inches long. Uses of Slash Pine: Because of its rapid growth rate, slash pine has great valuable for tree planting on timber plantations, especially in the southeastern United States. Slash pine supplies a large portion of the resin and turpentine produced in the United States. History suggests that the tree has produced most of the Worlds oleoresin over the last two centuries. Slash pine is cultivated in warm climates worldwide for lumber and paper pulp. The excellent quality of lumber gives slash pine the name hard yellow pine. The pine is only rarely used as an ornamental landscape plant outside the deep South. Damaging Agents that Hurt Slash Pine: The most serious disease of slash pine is fusiform rust. Many trees are killed and others may become too deformed for high value forest products like lumber. Resistance to the disease is inherited, and several programs are underway to breed fusiform resistant strains of slash pine. Annosus root rot is another serious disease of slash pine in thinned stands. It is most damaging on soils where slash seedlings are transplanted and is not a problem in native flatwoods or shallow soils with heavy clay. Infections begin when spores germinate on fresh stumps and spread to adjacent trees through root contact.

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The Internet Revolutionized Traditional Methods Research Paper

The Internet Revolutionized Traditional Methods - Research Paper Example It may also be automated, in that an avatar or some other form of artificial intelligence guides the user through the system, giving responses based on their specific need. The exponential growth of social networking sites has also led to companies establishing their presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a bid to reach more people. Internet-savvy people are therefore able to get rapid responses to their problems through companies’ online support. Online blogs and forums are another networking option where companies can engage with their clients. Customers can also interact with other users, learn from them, obtain solutions to their problems and gauge the quality of services offered. The internet is thus changing the way companies relate to their clients and bringing customers together. The quality of online support of two major companies is discussed below: The Apple online customer support department is easily accessible on its homepage. The placement of the link on the homepage was a plus because it not only made it easier for customers seeking help but also made visitors to the Apple website aware of this service. The online customer support landing page contains a variety of options. Users click on the icon depicting the product they need help with. Icons depicting products include; Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iTunes. Clicking an icon leads to a support page with detailed information about the product. If the pre-recorded information fails to satisfy the customer’s requirements, there is a contact support button that a customer can use to get in touch with the Apple technical support staff. The customer is required to input their hardware serial number to access the support staff. Though an effective security measure, it may inconvenience a customer who is unaware of their serial number or not physically close to their produ ct at the moment.

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Dumpster diving is a big deal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dumpster diving is a big deal - Assignment Example After the mails are read and the mail receiver has responded to these mails, they usually throw them in garbage. The problem is that there can be people in workplace that may have criminal intentions and may obtain the information from dumpsters at work and use this information in order to conduct identity theft. According to a research cited by Pope in his book, around 50% of the individuals who are involved in identity theft are people who work in the same organization (Pope 62). Other than identity theft, individuals may even throw away important information in garbage that another individual within the workforce may not have the authority to access. This information may include product designs and new products that the company may be thinking of launching. The probability is that those who dumpster dive can benefit from this information by sharing this information with competitors in exchange of rewards and

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The Title Of Atonement Film Studies Essay

The Title Of Atonement Film Studies Essay The credits begin to be displayed and are in a type writing font, this suggests that a story is going to be told. Throughout the credits there is the sound of a type writer, this again suggest that a story is going to be told. There is a contrast between black and white with the wording Atonement Shot 2 The title of Atonement cuts to a picture of an eccentric mansion. The mansion is a exact replica of Brionys actual house. This sets the scene as it shows where the events of the scene will take place. The mansion represents wealth and is an image of the Talliss new wealth. The natural lighting only highlights one side of the house this could be a representation of appearance versus reality. The family seems like the perfect family on the outside but in the depths of the house they arent as perfect as they seem to be. The highlighted part is what they family wants to portray but the darker side is the reality. The model of the mansion is a childs toy; this shows us that no matter what Briony is still a child. The model mansion belongs to Briony and this symbolises that she runs the house in a sense, as she controls the lives of the people who live or work in the house. The sound of the typewriter represents a story being written, this is a symbol of the story of Atonement. Shot 3 *The tracking of animals represents child play and again symbolises that Briony is still a child. The walking of the animals. The toys may be a connotation of a lost childhood. There is a non syncorised sound, still hearing the typewriter in the background. Shot 4 The camera tilts up, low angle shot, this introduces the character Briony. The composition of the frame shows the Tallis wealth. There is natural light coming through from the window,this is a symbol of innocence. Briony is seen doing what is natural for a child at that time, this again links to the natural light. Shot 5 There is an extream close up of Brionys face. There is natural light, the lighting is soft and can be seen as summer daylight. The one side of Brionys face is lit up well the other is a darker shadow, this signify that Briony still has some innocence but also that she has a dark side that wants secrets. The shot of Brionys eyes symbolises a world through her eyes. She has an intense look on her face showing that she is focusingon typing, the focus on her face enables us , the audience to concentrate on Brionys face. Shot 6 There is still a synchronised sound, we finally see the source of the sound to be a typewriter. The camera pans over Brionys fingers typing this could represent that she is the story teller in this story and that what she wants to happen will happen, as if everyone else is just a character in her story. The words Sunset written on the page may symbolise the ending of the chapter of childhood in Brionys life, it could also signify that things as everyone in the story knows is about to change. Its a closing of the friendship chapter for Cecila and Robbie but also the beginning of a romantic relationship; its the beginning of love as stated on the page. Shot 7 This shot introduces to us the name of the main character, Briony Tallis. The Trials of Arabella is a melodrama therefore has a hero. Story writing is such a big part of Brionys life so she tries to see real life in a story form by always trying to create heros and villians in real life. At first she sees Robbie as a hero for saving her and then a villain because Briony believes he is physically hurting Cecila. Again we can see that Briony is the play-maker of this story, she writes everyones future. Shot 8 In this shot we see Briony wearing a white dress, this could signify that at this time in the movie she is still innocent. The house is shown and we can again see the wealth and new rich of the Tallis family. The servants show that the Tallis family is of a high class. The door frame surronds briony indicating she is the main character. There is stil like sound of the typewriter but is also mixed with the sounds of a piano. The way in which Briony walks is with determination, almost as if she is about to do a very important task. The camera is panning over Briony. We once again see that Briony is a very intense girl, with a very creative mind. Shot 9 The camera follows Briony through the corridors of her house, once again it emphasises on the Familys wealth. Briony is the focus of the frame because she is highlighted by natural light. There is a contrast between the light and shadows; this could signify that the shadows are a representation of secrets and how Briony is in the midst of secrets in her life. The dark shadowed areas may also be a representation of the unknown things Briony bases decisions on. This shot is a long shot and is used to place Briony in her surroundings, it shows how she fits into the house and how she almost controls it with the way she walks, and its almost authoritative. In this shot the pillars seem to capture attention as they can be likened to Briony in the sense that she is such a rigid structure with such intense thoughts, like the pillar that is also a rigid structure. We could also view the pillar as being eccentric and dynamic in its carvings just as Briony is as a person. Briony is all by herse lf, this is another representation that her mind is like her peer pressure for her actions. There is a lot of wood used throughout the house this symoblises warmth and comfort the house provides for Briony but it also represents growth from the fact that it was a living thing, symbol of how the charaters will grow throughtout the movie. Shot 10 We see Briony being very determined in the previous shot but now we see her being so easily distracted by Robbies presence, shows that she wants and interaction between them. We later learn this to be a crush on Robbie. This shot introduces Robbie and shows us, the audience that Robbie and Briony are familiar with each other, by their interaction. Robbie is introduced by being highlighted by natural light .We are now introduced to the different class level in society in the time of the Second World War. This is shown through the fact that Briony is higher the Robbie in the shot and in life as Briony is of a higher class to Robbie, whose mom who actually workers in the house as a housekeeper. We also see Briony looking to the outside just as she will later when she witnesses Cecila stripping in front of the fountain in front of Robbie. This shows us that Briony always has an outside view from the inside of the house. This is a long shot and shows us that although there is familiarity between Briony and Robbie there is still quite a gap between them in their age as well as where they are in their lives at this point in time. There is also quite a dark grey space between them which could symbolise that there is a miscommunication between the feelings each person has for the other. Briony views Robbie as more then a friend or brother figure, while Robbie sees Briony as a sister figure, as he has feelings for Cecila. The fact that Robbie is highlighted by light and Briony is a dark figure could signify the fact that Robbie is the good guy while Briony is the bad guy because of her sin later on, against Robbie. Shot 11 This shot is in reverse view and we are now experiencing world from Brionys point of view and how she sees Robbie. Robbies facial expression is showing his fondness for Briony. As we are seeing this from Brionys point of view, it is misinterpreted and misunderstood for being something more by Briony. Through the conversation we can also see that Robbie is well educated. Brionys point of view shows us that Robbie is centred in the middle, stating he is the most important part right now and that everything else almost fades into the background, he is the centre of her attention. Shot 12 This is a medium close up shot and is very much focused on Briony. There is natural light highlighting one side of her face. This can be represented as her having to sides to her. One being innocent and childlike, while the other dark and full on secrets. The door frame behind Briony can also show many layers just like Briony has. It is like Briony is shedding her layer of her childhood and moving on to a new layer or chapter on life. The layers might also signify what a complex and dynamic person Briony is. Brionys facial expression is almost pleading like she is pleading with Robbie to take notice of her and for him to share the same feelings she has towards him. Shot 13 The camera is tracking Briony here; there is a build-up of music almost stimulating that something drastic is going to happen. We see that Briony is walking away from us in a way and this signifies that Briony is actually walking away from her childhood and maybe even life as she knows it. There is light highlighted on her back, this could show that she is turning her back on everything good and innocent in her life. Briony is walking towards s well lit room as if she is drawn to light. The room is elaborately decorated and this again is a sign of wealth.

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Relationships Between Humans & Plants& Animals Essay

Humans, animals and plants have a great relationship with each other, they need each other, and they make each other’s lives better. Without plants and animals, human won’t be able to survive or can not live till now because humans need plants and animals to feed themselves. On the other hand, plants aren’t able to grow, too because they need to be taken care by humans. Therefore, human should protect both animals and plants. But human couldn’t take good care of animals, most of the animals in the forests are extinct because of human acts, they kill those animals carelessly for their own needs. Although, humans also do animal science to help them from terrible sickness and their strange behavior. In our time, we are smart compared to ancient people. At first, humans don’t know how to fly. But then humans get smarter and smarter and they started to associate themselves with new knowledge, educate animal and analyze chemicals and animal’s tissue. Then they learned how to make airplanes by using birds’ shape. In other words, humans also need animals to study about them and use them to improve their technology. Humans also use animals for their agricultural setting, animals’ wastes are also important for plants; they use those wastes as natural fertilizer in agriculture, more than that, animals help us to protect our home, we also use animals for other things like using their skin as clothes or purses, eating them, killing them for their paws, claws, tails, cutting off their head and use them as home decorations, illegal hunting and more surprisingly some humans just kill animals for fun. Because of our careless acts, more and more animal species are e xtinct. Hundreds of thousand years ago, ancient people didn’t know how to make medicine, so many of them died because of diseases. But later on, humans started to learn that they can use plants as medicine, they use their roots, leaves, branches and more. Humans first learnt how to float on water by using boats that are made from woods. Almost every part of a plant is important to both humans and animals. We also eat plants which have been categorized in to crops, fruits, seeds, and vegetables, and we use plants to feed our livestock, too. For example, cows eat grass, chickens eat grain†¦etc. Humans also cut down trees and use those fine woods to make wooden furniture and houses. Plants also help to take in carbon dioxide which we might get carbon dioxide poisoning or carbon dioxide intoxication by breathing it too much, and more importantly they produce oxygen which both animals and humans use for breathing. At the very beginning of Earth, Earth’s atmosphere contained only carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases. But it almost contained no oxygen. Some time later, plants started to grow on Earth and they produce oxygen until then there were lives on Earth. Plants attract rain and help us to protect our planet from the sun. So, plants play a very important role in our and animals’ lives. As we all have known how plants, animals and humans are important to each other. In my opinion, we should all care more about those plants and animals, we should all take the responsibilities to protect those animals from extinction and plant more trees to protect our world and for our benefits,

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Women s Rights And Suffrage Essay - 1322 Words

I chose an article relating to the topic of women s rights and suffrage because it was a topic from my chapter in the book. I felt doing more research on the topic could make my presentation more informative and as well as having more sources to choose from. I believe that knowing about the fight for women s suffrage is important because it is the start of feminism and equal rights. Especially in this year, after my first time voting in this election season, I remember in history others could not. Additionally, in this election the candidate who won the popular vote was a women, being so close to making history of having a women in the highest position in our government. America has yet to have a female president, but that representation would be crucial in finalizing what women fought for in the past. The article is from the Ebscohost Academic Search Complete Database, The article title is â€Å"Never A Fight of Woman Against Man: What Textbooks Don’t Say about Women’s Suffrage† by Joe C. Miller. The articles length is forty-seven pages starting on page 437 and ending on 482, listing notes and citations from page 473 to the end. It contains fourteen visuals along with the article including; a graph, images, newspapers, political cartoons and propaganda for and against women’s suffrage. Labeled as figures 1-14, figure 1 is a petition signed by women against the right to vote, figure 2 is a graph showing the number of suffragist and anti-suffragists between the yearsShow MoreRelatedThe Rights Of Women s Suffrage1571 Words   |  7 PagesWomen did not always have the privilege to vote and women’s suffrage efforts were elongated and troublesome. The first country that approved women’s suffrage was New Zealand in 1893. Many countries includin g the Canada, Great Britain, and Russia proceeded from New Zealand’s first step toward equality for women. The United States has progressed since the ratification of the nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution that allowed women the right to vote. However, not everyone has the same perceptionRead MoreWomen s Suffrage And Voting Rights2040 Words   |  9 Pagesstarted the women’s revolution (suffrage) to voting rights? Where did the first revolution occur? When did women become eligible to vote? How did the revolution to women’s voting rights transpire? Why was it so important for women to be able to vote? The questions before you are the very questions I intend to have answered while researching this subject. I want to take my readers back into time when women had no voice to be heard, and no opinions to be made. Women like Susan B. Anthony, ElizabethRead MoreWomen s Suffrage : The Struggle For The Right Of Women1520 Words   |  7 Pagesand the women femininity establishing a gender order. The women’s suffrage movement is the struggle for the right of women to vote and run for political positions. The rights of women have never been equal to those of men. Throughout American history women have always wanted equality between the two genders, which made women suffrage the most controversial issue dividing early Feminists into ideological lines in the early eighteen centuries. The ratification of women suffrage grant women an increaseRead MoreWomen s Rights Movement And The Demand For Women Suffrage1650 Words   |  7 PagesThe woman s rights movement and the demand for woman suffrage emerged in the first half of the 19th century from a variety of other movements. A major goal of the woman s rights movement was to change public opinion regarding women s capacities and rights. Suffrage was one of several reforms intended to end the significant legal, political, religious, and cultural discriminations against nineteenth century women. Suffrage became the primary goal of the woman s rights movement during the 1850sRead MoreWomen s Suffrage : The Long Resisted Struggle Of Equal Right Voting1905 Words   |  8 PagesNationalizing Women’s Suffrage: The long resisted struggle of equal right voting â€Å"Remember the ladies†, wrote boldly by the soon to be First Lady Abigail Adams to her husband John Adams in March 1776. Abigail Adams’s words were one of the first noted mentions in the United States foreshadowing the beginning of a long suppressed battle towards women’s suffrage. The fight for women suffrage was a movement in which women, and some men included, pleaded for equal rights regarding voting and women’sRead MoreWomen s Suffrage Movement : Lucretia Mott1399 Words   |  6 PagesCostello Pd. â…ž 3/17/16 Women s Suffrage Movement: Lucretia Mott The Women s Suffrage Movement impacted the United States by giving women the right to have a voice and to finally be able to vote. Achieving the right to vote was the culminating event of the Women s Suffrage Movement. The Women s Suffrage Movement was also known as Women s Suffrage. The movement was the struggle for women to be able to vote and run for president. It was also closely linked to the women s right movement. In the midRead MoreWomen‚Äà ´s Suffrage Movement of Europe1187 Words   |  5 Pageshistory, women have struggled for equality in all parts of the world. European women fought for suffrage for an extremely long period of time before they were granted full voting rights. Each country approved women’s suffrage at different times, but it occurred in most European countries in the early 20th century. The first country to develop universal suffrage was Finland in the year 1906(â€Å"Women’s Suffrage in Europe†). One of the last countries to become open about women’s voting rights was SwitzerlandRead MoreThe Struggle For Gain Suffrage884 Words   |  4 PagesThe struggle to gain suffrage was not easy: anti-suffragists and the gender norms of society constantly interfered, leading to nearly a century-long battle of rights. Unlike preconceived notions about the suffrage movements of the nineteenth century, not all women wanted to obtain suffrage and women s organizations weren t always focused on the right to vote itself, but rather were radical. Change and new leadership were needed to refocus and improve women s suffrage organizations in order toRead MoreRalph Waldo Emersons Connection To Transcendentalism1223 Words   |  5 Pagesviewing women as equal. Philip F. Gura, Transcendentalism and Social Reform, History Now, assessed May 14, 2017, Emerson s support for women s suffrage prompted him to write A Reasonable Reform to promote anti-suffrage and allow women to vote so that it [brings] together a cultivated society of both sexes. Ralph Waldo Emerson, A Reasonable Reform (1881), in Women s Suffrage AssociationRead MoreThe Fight For Women s Suffrage Movement1328 Words   |  6 PagesThe Fight For Women’s Suffrage The Women’s Suffrage Movement of the 1920’s worked to grant women the right to vote nationally, thereby allowing women more political equality. Due to many industrial and social changes during the early 19th century, many women were involved in social advocacy efforts, which eventually led them to advocate for their own right to vote and take part in government agencies. Women have been an integral part of society, working to help those in need, which then fueled a